Sound Education Program

Myself along with Chandra Bulucon of Puppy Machine are currently in the design and research stages of what we’re calling the Sound Education Program.

Aimed (currently) at schools in the GTA, the program seeks to add value to learning through the use of sound. Projects like audio book reports, podcasts and the like are part of the potential agenda. In the way that visual images can help some students better absorb material, we feel so can sound. It worked for us!
Anyone with links to projects of a similar nature or contacts they feel of benefit to such a project are encouraged to contact me.

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  1. Chandra says:

    If anyone wants more information, go to and click on “education”.

    Lots of people are interested. Because we’re in the thick of exams, we’ll be able to start booking shortly.

    Jeremy has been super helpful on this project so far. I really appreciate all the work he’s done.

    If anyone is considering hiring this guy, I’d say you’d be making a wise choice – like peanut butter and chocolate.

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