Podcasting AIMS High

Yesterday’s AIMS meeting was a great experience for me, getting some insight into how Toronto’s marketing community are getting into the game, experimenting with formats and getting great results.

It was a pleasure meeting with people at the networking event that followed and interesting to find out the various levels of experience so far.

One thing I was most happy to hear from several people was the idea of improving the quality of podcasts. I am still a firm believer that in a sea of media, the most interesting and well produced content will achieve longevity even if in the long tail as Mitch Joel pointed out.

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  1. Mitch Joel says:

    I agree with you 100%. We’re sort of still in the Talking Horse phase – just amazed that the horse is talking. From there, we’ll start focusing on content and then, I think, the quality of the Podcast will skyrocket. For independent content producers to really “work” on the sound and production quality, I also think we’ll need a good swift boot by having some of the major media companies come into the space and “show us” what great production quality can do for traffic.

    Lots of good stuff to think about and thanks for coming down. I had a great time as well.

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